Dancers for Events - Flashmob Entertainment for Hire

Create an impact by hiring Dancers for Events to produce a stunning unexpected Flashmob dance performance to promote your business, product or to make a real impact at your event. We specialise in performing surprising and spontaneous flashmob dance routines that add a real wow factor for all manner of events. Whether it be a corporate or private event - we can really attract attention.


Flashmobs are dance routines performed unexpectedly - surprising those around and capturing their attention. These performances can happen anywhere - whether that be indoors at your venue or in a more unusual place like a train station or shopping centre, wherever your event is we can perform there. The dancers are usually hidden pretending to be waiters or waitresses, guests or members of the general public. And then at an opportune moment they spring to life creating ultimate impact!


Flashmobs can take place anywhere and the more unusual the location the better - the idea is to create impact and surprise.


As specialist Flashmob dancers and choreographers we can give you the best - our performances are a popular and innovative way to bring your event alive. We can cater to any brief - no request is too small - Corporate Events, Product Launches, Awards Ceremonies, Conferences, Birthday Parties, Trade Shows, Weddings, Shopping Centres, PR Stunts and much more - hide us in amongst your crowd and let us work our Flashmob magic.


You can see a selection of our Flashmob performances below. Visit our Video page to see more footage of our dancers in action!

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